Monday, December 15, 2014

happy monday...


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I hope you had a nice weekend.  I...
  • enjoyed my Saturday cleaning and then running around with my husband. Sarah is always telling me to hire a cleaning service but you know what, I love cleaning my own home.  It's always been therapeutic to me.
  • made delicious mushrooms to go with the steaks my guys ate for dinner.  The mushrooms turned out perfect and yes, there is an art to sautéed mushrooms.
  • enjoyed some fresh air as this weather is something.  I would not mind it staying around for awhile; I would just add a bit more sunshine.
  • graded another stack of tests.  Last week, upon my return to work after being off of for two weeks, I graded each and every day.  Grading is something most teachers despise; if you can believe it.
  • finally boxed my Christmas gifts and made some oatmeal cookies that I think are healthy.  These were made with Irish Oat Meal which is higher in fiber than most oat meals. The taste was different and Brian and Nick both liked them so they will be a "make again".
  • went to Marshalls and why I don't go there more is beyond my understanding as I love that store. I wanted a new wallet and wouldn't you know, I found the perfect MK one but it was $99.00.  Nope, I did not pull the trigger.
  • was happy that Nick enjoyed a class he took this weekend.  He has no problem doing things by himself which is a sign of a confident person.
Have a great week!

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