Friday, November 21, 2014

my weekend plans...

Yikes, it has been a busssssy week.  I have been trying to wrap things up at work as I will be gone for awhile taking care of my husband who is now getting a bit bossy with me.  Mmmmm,  I guess he has the right to be bossy this time.  That being said, I moved some furniture last night out of rooms as Stanley Steamer is coming today.  Yeah, I love clean carpets.  Then, I'll be putting things back together, cleaning and making my sub lesson plans which will take awhile.  Brian is working both Saturday and Sunday so the house will be all mine and that means I can be really productive.  What else, I want to make some turkey soup with the bones I kept from the turkey breast we cooked last weekend as there is nothing better than homemade soup and I'm going to do some meal planning and list making for the holidays.  I also need to order the shower invitations for my girl's baby shower in February as I want to get the invites out January 1st. Now that I think about it, my weekend looks almost as busy as my week was!

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