Monday, November 24, 2014

happy monday...

I hope you had a great weekend.  I...
  • did all my lesson plans on Friday before I went home which was wonderful.  I only had one more paper to prepare and I did it on Sunday so everything is ready for my sub.  Teaching is a job that requires one to do a lot if your going to take time off and believe me, it is not fun.
  • washed windows and dusted shutters and put an entire home back together on Saturday.  It just smells so fresh and wonderful and "dust free".  It was nice to also have the windows opened both days.
  • bought multiple things that my guy needs before and after surgery.  I think I got everything so I won't have to worry.
  • appreciated the Reams run that Nick made for me as he is still home as work has not released him to go back.  Apparently, the state takes injuries very seriously. 
  • bought a new runner and some glasses and some wine at World Market and essentials at Costco so we are all stocked up. I swear it's like we are getting ready to hibernate in our home.  Too funny.
  • woke up this morning and finally resumed exercising.  I have been in a horrible slump lately, probably due to my emotions, but today I got myself together and enjoyed a nice 2 mile run.  I'm back to taking care of myself.
Have a great Thanksgiving week!

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