Sunday, October 12, 2014

yesterday and today and tomorrow...

Yesterday, we celebrated the life of our dear Auntie Fritzie.  This woman was an amazing mother and wife and sister and auntie and friend to all.  She really loved life and was the most positive person I ever met. Auntie loved coffee and Manhattans and cigarettes and getting together with family.  She love to hug and kiss everyone and she talked and laughed loud. She lived until 89 years old and I was fortunate to be with her last July at her granddaughter's wedding where she enjoyed seeing all and her cocktail and her family.  That made me happy, but yesterday, I was more than sad.  As I know that we once again witnessed the circle of life, I was thinking of her and us and my heart was so heavy.
Today, I need to sort through my emotions.  I know I  need to figure out how to deal with what is now facing our family positively; but that task is a bit hard for me at this time.  I am thinking today of "how" I am going to do this but have also decided to allow myself time as it may take awhile.  That has to be okay as there is always Tomorrow.

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