Wednesday, October 22, 2014

on friday...

On Friday, it will be the one month anniversary of us learning that we have a hurdle to face.  How does that affect one, you might ask?  In many different ways is my response as each and every day and hour and minute are now different.  We are much better than we were 4 weeks ago, usually, and I am slowly figuring out how to not be mad or sad or worried or panicked daily. I feel educated about my husband's condition which is good and somewhat clear about what we face after his surgery.  The future "should be bright" and I know that is what I have to focus on.  It's just that word "should" can be difficult to deal with sometimes. I have been bad about eating and exercising during the past few weeks which is not good as it just makes me feel unhealthy and unhappy, but fear not, I'm not dwelling on my unhappiness due to my lack of taking care of myself as I have bigger things to dwell on.  So, what am I going to do?  Well, today, once again, I am going to make a few "short term goals" to focus on.  Surprise!  I don't know why that comforts me, but it does, so beginning today I'm going to:
  • resume exercising 4 times a week (...and that means returning to the Norris Recreation Center.)
  • eat fresh and avoid processed foods and sugar.
  • journal my weight and exercise and morning thoughts daily.
  • do something positive for myself or someone else weekly.

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