Monday, October 6, 2014

happy monday...

I hope you had a nice weekend.  I...
  • was happy that we detailed cleaned our fans.  We did the pedals and globes and they look wonderful.
  • loved the fall arrangement Brian made.  It is so pretty and now we are ready for our annual Scarecrow Festival this weekend.
  • multi-tasked grocery shopping on Saturday.  I went to Meijer while Brian went to Reams and then we headed home to unload the lot.
  • woke up to a cold Sunday morning to send Nick off to his Chicago Power Test at 5:30 and then waited and waited and waited to hear when he was heading home. He made it back around 2:30 with many of stories and 6 patches of missing hair at the top of his head...yep, a drug test!
  • stayed in our home all day as my lunch and dinner meals took me forever to make.  I literally was cooking for 4 hours before I finally stopped to watch the second half of the Bear's game.
Have a great first, full week of October!

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