Monday, September 15, 2014

happy monday...

I hope you had a nice weekend.  I...
  • was proud of myself that I continued my new "Friday after work" grocery shopping commitment.  It is good to get that task done before Saturday rolls around.
  • was able to purge some of Nick's clothes that he has had since he was 18.  Yikes, he does not like to get rid of anything.
  • went to 3rd Street for some fall decorations on a beautiful, sunny afternoon, but no luck. I did find a few cute shirts in some boutiques, however, and then enjoyed a glass of wine at The Galena Winery.  I don't remember the last time I sat down, looked around and just chilled out. It was wonderful and might I add I enjoyed the alone time.
  • ran 3.25 miles on Sunday morning.  It was the first time I exercised in a week as I was so under the weather lately.  I'm glad to be back taking care of myself physically.
  • organized my new binder and planner with my new pens. That is what I do for fun.
  • decided on baby blanket 2 for Veronica.  It a different pattern than baby blanket 1 which will make it fun.
  • enjoyed a cheese and fruit tray on the patio of The Patton House in Geneva with Sarah on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon.  We talked and talked and talked before heading to Jewel for her grocery shopping quest.
  • made a broccoli, sausage, pasta and cheese dish for dinner.  It was to have broccoli rabid in it, but that was ridiculously expensive at Jewel.
Have a great last week of summer!

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