Monday, September 1, 2014

happy monday...

Emily Rose and our Tony cheering!

I hope you had a nice weekend. I...
  • went home tired on Friday and was out well before 8.  Yikes. but guess what?   I think I slept 11 hours straight.
  • detailed on Saturday as Brian ran errands.  It was a good idea to multi-task as we had a big Costco run that Brian took care of while I cleaned and did laundry.
  • talked a lot to Sarah who was going to celebrate her 4th anniversary with her guy on Saturday night.  How very happy we are for the "H's".
  • was excited on Sunday that our Tony was off to move into his dorm on campus to begin his first year of college.  Where does the time go?
  • was out early that same day to go to The Arcedium for an iced ginger-peach tea, then strolled The French Market for some fresh produce and eventually drove to Glen Ellen to look at their beautiful golf course where we split a light lunch.
  • grilled our famous Ream's burgers for dinner and served them besides The Barefoot Contessa's Confettie Corn.  What a great dish filled with color and flavor.
Have a great Labor Day and week!

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