Thursday, May 1, 2014

well, it's friday...

What am I going to do on the first weekend in May?  I want to stain our deck and make some summer "to do" lists which is probably not a good idea as we still do not have all of our "spring list" tasks finished.  This was that list...
  1. finish putting my newly painted rooms and closets back together and detail the living room, dining room, family room and my little office.
  2. wash my kitchen cabinets and line some shelves.
  3. clean out our dressers; all three of our closets are done.
  4. put away most sweaters.
  5. sort through spring/summer clothes and get rid of pieces that look worn.
  6. clean the garage and storage shelf.
  7. organize the basement storage area.
  8. stain our deck.

And now, for myself, I need to...
  1. get a mani/pedi.
  2. buy some Shea Butter to seriously rehydrate my skin.
  3. get into a new workout routine.
  4. buy some new clothes.
  5. get a facial, yes, a wonderful facial to rid my skin of the winter blues.
  6. buy some new make up at Mario's as I love my Cose and my Laura who is my go-to girl.
Why am I not done yet?  Well, the weather is preventing my staining the deck and my lack of losing 3 more pounds is preventing me from getting a facial and new make up.  Saddddd.  We are also waiting for our shutters and blinds to be hung and me planting some flowers in our pots. Well, these unfinished tasks are moving on my list of "Summer Projects". 

In additon to my usual is

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