Friday, May 16, 2014



Happy Rainy Friday!  So glad it's here and look what I'm going to make for dinner tomorrow night.  Yep, this warm and comforting Crock Pot Rustic Italian Beef Ragu!  I was thinking that as I just turned our heat back on in my home as it is cold, it would be a okay to make a hearty meal for my guys tomorrow.   Mmmmmm, Mmmmm Good!  So, what's up this weekend?  Well, I'm going to my favorite place, Costco, after work to stock up on a few needed supplies, then grilling pizza for dinner and watching some good old fashion T.V. as I am still under the weather.  Yep, it's going on day 6.  Then, it's my usual Saturday morning routine before I head out to buy my flowers.  I need some pretty things to look at I gaze out my still uncovered, new patio door.  (I am getting desperate for our window treatments to arrive so our rooms get the "finishing touch" they so deserve.)  Also on the list is for my husband to paint some outside trim, remove some blind hardware and then patch and paint the wall.  Once that is done, I think Brian can start to solely focus on going to the driving range and booking tee times....once again, I think he can do that.  Sunday will be devoted to a bit of grading and lesson planning for next week and bye the way, I only have 14 more days of school remaining. Yeah!!!  On another note, Nick is on his count down as well.  He only has 4 more days of work before he works to get his body on a normal schedule before leaving for a month of training in Springfield for his new job; a guard at a boy's prison.  His dream job, no, but as our Chris says, "Who has their dream job?"  At least he will make very decent money and get full benefits and that, my friends, is wonderful as is the fact he is continuing to get some law enforcement experience. Moving forward is a good thing for a 24 year old.  Mmmm, that's about if for now so happy Friday and let's just pray the sun comes out soon as these dreary days are taking a tole on all! 

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