Wednesday, May 7, 2014

a much overdue nick update...


Well, this guy has had a bit of a rough year.  He has still not landed a full time job which has greatly discouraged him, but this week he had a few things happening so at least he is "in motion" again.  Nick has a chance at a new shift at the hospital which will be good and he is taking a test to get into The State of Illinois Conservation Police Officer Trainee Program.  His healthy living continues and he has one more pound to lose to reach 200 lbs; he was about 220 a year ago and  I think he wants to lose at least 10 more pounds.  Socialization is minimal, but it happens.  It's hard to do things when you work midnights but now that the weather is warmer, it should be easier to get in a round or two of golf in  in the mornings.  Mmmmm, other than continuing to be entertaining, that's about it in "Nick's World" these days.

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