Thursday, April 24, 2014

a good message for today... yesterday was crazy. Our two patio doors and window were installed and that was an all day, noisy event.  Brian stayed home to supervise and was therefore able to make made multiple trips to Lowe's to order Plantation shutters which was a good thing as I need to move on window treatments.  It turned out to be "multiple trips" as the measurements took some time to get into their system but the job got done. Then, around 3, Brian went to add salt to the water softener to only discovered water was coming up from one of our drains.  Sucking it up with the Shop Vac was not working so Mendel was called and $664 later the problem was fixed.  In the mean time, I started vacuuming and dusting and putting things back together upstairs and after a quick Chinese dinner, a pole fell in the basement closet and all of our coats and clothes were on the floor.  A call then came in from Nick around 8 asking us if we were stopping by Colby's for his "going away party", we did not know about it and then Brian's mom called with another T.V. problem which means Brian needs to go out to her house and reset something again for the umpteenth time.  Today has to be better or I am officially throwing in the white flag.

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