Tuesday, March 4, 2014

texting issues...

Nick and I have been having some definite texting issues.  These were today's interactions:

nick:  Have u seen my social security card?
nick:  It wasn't in any of the files next to the fridge
me:  Did you find it
nick:  I didn't
me:  I don't know where it is then
nick:  I hope I didn't lose it
nick:  It's  got to b there
me:  Stop we might have to order a new card
nick:  Stop what
nick:  U can't b mad at me because if matts stuff
nick:  Of
nick:  I got it in on time
me:  Good  this is Geneva
me:  Right
nick:  U need to work on making since 
nick:  Sense 
me:  Yeah guy Geneva right
me:  Did you find your card
nick:  I don't know what that means but no
I'm not even sure what I was talking about.  This is a bit scary!

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