Friday, March 7, 2014


via New York Magazine
I love cheese but it is so high in fat that I have been avoiding it lately as it is a "no no" if you want to "eat clean".  (Nick has really cut it out of his diet.  He will literally scrape it off a burgar to avoid eating the fat and he has lost about 8 pounds as of last weekend.) Anyway, I've been reading a book written by Tosca Reno called The Eat-Clean Diet. As I am not one to diet, I am more successful when I make "life changes" to stay balanced, Tosca advocates clean eating to rev up your matabolism, lose fat and never be hungry. It's all really common sense but I've really enjoyed the book's reminders and tips this week. I have already been more conscientious about my eating choices and water consumption habits which is good but oh, the cheeses in the photo look wonderful.

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