Wednesday, February 19, 2014

what do you enjoy...

What are the little things that you "just" enjoy?  Well, for me it's...
  • going shopping with my husband on Saturday afternoon for groceries and meat at our local butcher.  There is nothing like buying quality meat.  Then, we always stop for a glass of wine/beer at one of our favorite places and order an appetizer and enjoy each others company.
  • talking to my daughter.
  • the feeling I get after exercising and don't think I love working out.  It is hard on these cold, winter mornings.
  • cooking a meal that my family loves.
  • water; not drinking water but the ocean.
  • talking to Nick after his shift, seeing him enjoy a meal or hearing about the latest applications he has sent into various communities.  It's fun watching him grow from being a "college students" to a young adult.
  • the warm sun which I now desperately need.
  • a walk in the city.
  • getting a text from Jenny as she always keeps me "up to date" on things in her and Matt's lives.  I'm so appreciate how thoughtful she is to Brian and me.
  • a good read.
It's important to stop and think about the little things that just make you smile. I sometimes feel that we just don't do that enough daily.

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