Sunday, February 2, 2014

happy monday...

Paris hearts door x
I hope you had a great weekend. I...
  • got home on Friday after grocery shopping which is always a good thing to finish before the weekend begins.
  • went on a linen shopping spree on Saturday.  We bought sheets and some great pillows for all of us and a new bed set for Nick which was long over due.
  • enjoyed an "engagement celebration" with Jenny, Matt and Jenny's wonderful family.  Both Brian and I have so loved getting to know her mom and Marty, her dad and Litta (sp) and her brothers better over the past year.  It was really a lovely gathering with family. 
  • cooked on Sunday morning and then went to the movies....Lone Survivor.  Well, as Nick has wanted nothing but to get into the military his entire life, I now have a better understanding as to the "why".  I see in his personality the traits of those who serve; they live for discipline and camaraderie and commitment.  Those in the military and their families are our true heroes and "Thank you!"
  • watched Renee Fleming sing the national anthem at the start of the Super Bowl.  I laughed at an interview I saw her in earlier this week when she was asked if she is worried about hitting the "high note".  Her reply: "No, that's what we do."
Have a great first week of Febuary and stay safe as we are going to be having another snow storm on Tuesday :( in our area!

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