Thursday, January 9, 2014

think valentine's...

My favorite month is soon approaching and this morning, I bought my first Valentine's Day gift.  Yep, I saw this digital scale and thought, "Nick would love this!" so it's ordered.  My guy is a "weigh in and monitor your daily eating" kind of guy.  He uses my bathroom scale which is upstairs and let me just say, it's not digital and it is reaaaaly old.  Accurate, not quite, but it serves both of our purposes of maintaining weight within an established "range".  Well, this Eat Smart Precision Digital Bathroom  Scale was half price so when I saw it on Amazon, I bought one for Nick and one for me.  Why not start a new year with a new scale!  Can't wait for the box to arrive on the 14th and now, only 5 more gifts to go!

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