Thursday, January 16, 2014

some great advice...

This blog is one I enjoy and I thought this workout advice was quite on target to keep all of us healthy and  "working out"!

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jegsnakkerarabisk asked: I'd like to exercise more but I have a serious problem with lack of energy. I think it's due to my diet. Any tips of quick and easy healthy food?

1. First and foremost, eat breakfast—a hard-boiled egg, toast with avocado, peanut butter and banana—and a bigger lunch than dinner.
2. Don’t drink coffee or other caffeinated drinks after three in the afternoon.
3. Skip the dairy products. Ditto heavy desserts (but chocolate chip cookies are always fine).
4. Chow down on salmon, kale, berries, and all the vegetables you can stomach.
5. Throw chia and flax seeds on everything.
6. Try to cut the alcohol intake to one weeknight happy hour and one weekend evening. Too much booze can wreck a girl’s workout habit.
7. Work out when you feel most energetic—are you a morning person? Do you prefer to blow off steam after work? Go hardest when you know you’re in peak condition.
8. Conversely, drag yourself off the couch for just ten push-ups when you feel your most sluggish. It’s better than nothing.
9. Make dates out of it—meet a friend for a spin class, race your boyfriend (by foot) to your favorite beer joint, join a running club—and don’t bail.
10. Write your workout plans in your calendar and treat them like any other meeting. Three miles in the park at 6:00 PM, check. Do it. It’s just like getting a haircut except less risky.
11. While gearing up to exercise, start pumping workout jams. Dance party of one in your sports bra in the living room.
12. Speaking of music, update your workout playlist regularly.
13. Still can’t muster the energy? Just lace up your shoes and go for a walk. Odds are good that it will get your blood flowing enough to turn that stroll into a jog.
14. Reward yourself! Did you work out twice this week, for one hour each day? That deserves a fresh pedicure. Make it to barre class three days in a row? Buy the shoes you’ve been eyeing.
15. Punish yourself! Sleep through yoga? No dice—transfer $25 to your untouchable savings account. Eat pizza at the office even though you brought a salad from home? That sucks—tonight you have to bleach the bathroom.

Try at least five of these tips, and I guarantee you’ll be breaking a sweat by Sunday.

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