Monday, January 13, 2014

a nick update...

Well, our scales arrived today and I decided to give Nick his gift early. This is how it went!

me:  (Big box in front of me to open) "I bought you and me a gift."
nick:  "Oh."
me: (After opening the box) "Here it is!"
nick:  "A digital scale.  They're suppose to be accurate."
me:  "Well, the advertisement said these scales are very accurate."
nick:  "You're saying I'm fat."
me:  "No.  What is that for?"
nick: "I don't know."

Well, the gadget was a tape measure to measure your various sections which Nick instantly did.  The tape measure actually locks into place.  How wonderful, well, no, not really! I find that tool to be more than a horrible addition to our new equipment.  The scale was, however,  appreciated by Nick and we are now moving to achieve our new life change, hopefully.  Know I have yet to try out my new scale as I am a bit frightened to step onto it!

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