Wednesday, September 4, 2013

a nick update...

Not sure where the guy is tonight and do know, he is always home so this is unusual.  What I have noticed about him lately is Nick...
  • does not sleep much anymore. Before this job, I seriously think he slept 10+ hours a day.  Now, he may sleep 5 hours straight but that is pushing it.
  • is very happy when there are people at home to chat with as he is alone much of the time.
  • continues to join "organized" activities.
  • reads daily.
  • works to figure out "the application" process in his career and is applying.
  • loves his gun and Duck Dynasty which is scary.
  • is updated with "Jonesboro" issues/problems/alerts as well as with what is going on in Pat's life.
  • loses weight weekly and stays positive.
Not a bad transition and both Brian and I are grateful that he is doing it pleasantly.

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