Monday, August 19, 2013

happy monday...

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I hope you had a great weekend.  I...
  • detailed on Friday which meant I washed windows.  If one thinks that is silly, the "dust free" smell that happens after that task makes it worth while.
  • enjoyed a dinner out with my husband and then our friend Jane came over for a few glasses of wine.  The three of us are not a good combination.  It's dangerous.
  • was hoping to hear from my brother to get together with him and his wife who turned 50 on Sunday.  We did connect but it did not work.
  • discovered the family I had been helping out is in need again so I planned to bring a meal to them on Saturday.  I made baked ravioli and garlic bread and sandwiches for the next day but I received a text from Blake and Carrie's husband that she is back in the hospital.  I am so very sad!
  • enjoyed Nick enjoying a steak and beef jerky from Reams, the best place to buy meat in our area.
  • woke up Sunday realizing it's "back to work Monday" tomorrow.
  • enjoyed the beautiful weather once again.
Have a great, hot week!

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