Tuesday, July 23, 2013

you never know...


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Nick has a friend whose mom has been battling cancer.  Apparently, Carrie had a procedure after the 4th of July and just went home a few days ago as it was one that requires a long recovery.  As I have only been following her progress on Facebook, on Sunday I realized that she was not good as her post said, "My energy level is truly frustrating me. I'd love to feel 50% today. not liking my little slide backwards."  I decided to contact her son, Blake, and asked him if I could bring dinner this week for his family.  His reply, "Yes, that would be wonderful!" so I decided to bring it 3 times in hopes the gesture would make it easier on all 6 of them.  Well, when I arrived a bit late yesterday, his sweet sister who will be a freshman in the fall and brother who will be in 8th were waiting for me.  I "prepped" everything: the sausage, cheese and ravioli dish went in the oven, bread and butter on the counter and the salad and dressing in the refrigerator.  I walked Sarah through what needed to be done before leaving and then my heart broke. These are two young kids taking care of their mom, who was upstairs as she is too weak to come down, until their older brothers from another marriage and dad come home to take over. I am so happy I decided to help as this is a family that needs some support.

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