Tuesday, July 30, 2013

shift work...

Nick before his shift.

I've never worked 11 to 7, but now that I see it happening, let me tell you it does not look easy.  The first night, Friday night, appeared to be brutal for Nick.  He came home very, very, very tired.  After that, he's been doing better, but his days are his nights and it's just weird.  For example, he came home this morning really tired, layed on his bed for a minute power nap and then said he was awake enough to eat as he was starving.  He ate and ate and then went to bed by 9 will probably sleep till 3 or so.  Then he'll work out and sleep again or eat and then sleep and then dress for work around 9.  I'm sure it gets better but there appears to be no time for anything right now but food and shut eye. The life of a "shift work" worker!
Nick after his shift.

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