Thursday, July 25, 2013

remember to say these three words often...

I can’t sleep and this was requested by a follower.
This week, I have seen what a sweet, blended family is facing as the mom, the anchor of every family, is fighting for her life. A friend of Nick's mom has been sick and last week, I asked Blake if I could help out and bring the family dinner.  "That would be wonderful!" was his reply so I decided to bring them meals 3 times this week.  I have never extended a more "worthwhile" helping hand in my life; truly never.
Yesterday, when I arrived at their home, the youngest boy greeted me with a smile and as I walked into the kitchen, an older man came in and introduced himself as Carrie's dad.  He thanked me for coming with food and said Carrie would like to see me in the living room before I leave. Certainly!  After putting everything in pans and bowls and going over the meal set up with 14 year old Sara, I went in to see Carrie.  She was in a reclining chair, covered with a blanket and holding a pillow. Her mom and dad sat on the couch near her and they were right next to each other; their bodies and hands touching as they talked softly to their daughter. Let me just say, the love and worry and sadness in these older parents' eyes was evident.  Carrie spoke to me, her voice both soft and weak and her eyes were filled with tears.  I touched her arm and shared that my hope was to make the week easier for all. She shook her head, closed her eyes and repeated, "Thank you, Susan." and I then said I would contact Blake and bring meals again next week.  As her eyes met mine for a second time and she again nodded my heart just broke. Oh, it was so sad to see this woman who is so very, very sick fight for her life and still worry about her family.
Now, I do not know Carrie well, we are merely acquaintances, but for some reason, I just felt compelled to help this family and I could not be more happy that I did.  As I drove home very teary, I thought how we all do need to "pay it forward" because there are people living right by us who need support or assistance or peace of mind.  Also, I kept thinking how I must remember to show love to all that are special to me because we never know what will happen the next time we open our eyes to start a new day.  Alright, enough!  Seize the day!

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