Monday, July 29, 2013

happy monday...

Brian at St. Andrews Golf Club
I hope you had a nice weekend.  I...
  • did some major weeding and trimming of bushes in the front, along the side and in the back of our home and it looks so much cleaner.
  • enjoyed the cool weather both Saturday and Sunday.
  • was excited the a friend of Sarah's baby boy arrived and all are healthy.
  • made an amazing Bolognese Sauce with beef, pork and veal and it was not only tasty, but the color was beautiful.
  • waited for Nick each morning around 8 as he is currently working for a security company at the Double Tree in Shaumburg.  His shift:  11 to 7 and weekend stories were all about "drunk" people.
  • bought some inexpensive pots and pans, knives and steak knives, Paula Dean ones, as these were on Rollback at Walmart as the store is no longer selling her products.  Thank you, Paula Dean! 
  • went to St. Andrew's to swing a club or two and although Brian did the entire time, I eventually polished my nails and started a new book and just closed my eyes as the sun felt amazing.
  • planned my week and one thing on my agenda; set up my room at school.
Have a great week!
Me at St. Andrews Golf Club

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