Monday, July 15, 2013

happy monday...

I hope you had a nice weekend.  I...
  • was alone quite a bit which was fine as always as I set up a new 5 week workout program and read and cooked and just enjoyed July.
  • worried about Nick who was heartbroken after an allergy appointment.  He has wanted to enlist in the Army and his health issues seem to have eliminated this option which truly disappointed him.  He was very sad on Friday.  He didn't talk or smile and just stayed in "his level" of the house all day and night . Brian and I were so sad for him and left him alone which was hard as I just wanted to tell him that he has so many options as he is smart and has a degree and has a great personality. (Instructed by the Big Guy to leave him alone, give him space and not share any advice. Okay already!))  Thankfully, on Saturday, Nick got up and was talking and went out fishing with a friend and seemed to move on. I still don't know what his allergy tests results were.
  • made a totally Mexican meal which consisted of chicken enchiladas, Mexican rice as well as salsa (I almost never buy salsa anymore as fresh is a must in our home now.)  Ole!
  • talked to sister Karen, Tony and my mom and dad.  Good, as I tend to not communicate much with them and I'm trying to keep more in touch with all.
  • watched the 19 year old win the John Deere Classic.
Have a great week.

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