Wednesday, July 3, 2013

a nick update...

Nick currently is exercising and what he calls working. I don't call it work as he is at a softball field daily for 2 hours!  That's it! Who works for 2 hours a day and is off on the weekend? Now, let me say, Nick is pleasant to be around.  He makes his bed daily and chats with me and shows me videos of people doing very stupid things and helps me cook and puts on reality shows about the lives of Boarder Patrol people and people who protect wild life and bounty hunters,  but he needs to start the next, shall I say "Chapter" in his life. I know he wants to enlist in the Army and needs to get some medical things done first and that is happening, but what are the other options?  He says he is going to apply to various police districts and to the boarder patrol which is good, I just want it to start. (I think he said he's starting today but does he look stressed or worried?  I don't think so in fact, it looks to me like life is good in Nick's world!)

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