Wednesday, June 26, 2013

remembering a day of adventure...

.  LOn day one of our trip, Nick was ready to explore so he immediately went to the front desk and found a place for us to go...Balboa Island.  We all put on our walking shoes, well not really as Sarah wore her new sandals and ended up with a very  bloody blister, Nick had a map in hand and we began.  Laughing and walking up and down the steep California hills eventually brought us to the island.

Balboa Island is reached by crossing this adorable bridge lined with American flags waving in the breeze and red, white and purple flowers. 

The houses that are one right after another are amazing.  No two are similar and all have beautiful front areas filled with flowers and trees and then you see their umbrellas and tables and fire pits and wind chimes.


 A quick stop for a bite to eat and a drink was had before we ventured back to the resort. 

The landscaping was truly amazing.  The flowers and trees and succulents that lined the streets and hills was so spectacular.  We all stopped often to take in the incredible sights offered in the land of sunshine.

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