Friday, June 7, 2013

it's friday...

via Girly Me
...and I already cleaned and organized my garage and closet and dresser and bought new clothes for Nick for our trip.  Also purchased were a few treats for me like a beautiful Valentina white, leather bag that I absolutely love and make-up bags and day and night moisturizing cream and serum and eye cream.  I found a great, brown Calvin Klein sun dress and new sandals to match my purse.  A cute pair of pink pajamas also found my way into my cart and they are just plain cute.  Today will be about a quick cleaning in our home and then I'm off to Mario's for a cut and color.  Over the weekend I'm getting a mani / pedi and then I'll pack on Sunday.  So fun as that's all I need to do...just things that I want to do.  Vacation days are quite nice!

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