Tuesday, June 25, 2013

i have often thought of this...

When I was working on my first bachelor's degree, I had an electric typewriter with a ink cartridge.  If you made a typing error, you removed it and inserted a correction cartridge. Writing a bibliography page for a paper was a labor of love. During my second degree work, I took my first computer class on a computer that was huge and word processors came out.  I think they were the size of a small carry on suite case but oh, did they make my life easier.  Then, when I went for my Master's, we bought a computer. I don't think Google was around yet and I know I never heard of Facebook but this was an incredible tool that Brian and I set up on a small table in our family room and all of us were just amazed at how it worked and how it would change our lives.  When I watched Nick work on his degree, he used a computer and iPad at the same time, had very few hard cover text books and took tests whenever he was ready on BlackBoard.  Easybib was available as was Google to answer any question at any moment and on-line classes made his graduation goal quite attainable.  My how things have changed!

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