Thursday, May 16, 2013

laundry and more...

I forgot the cupcakes for our "May Birthday Bash Party" scheduled today for our students so I went home around 10 to only discover that Nick's car was in the garage and it was empty.  As I walked in, he was in the laundry room with many bags around him and more in his room.  Good, progress was being made.  Nick laughed when he saw me and said he was working on laundry.  He was, however, seemingly going from bag to bag and not doing much but taking out pieces of clothing and cramming them in the wash machine. As we chatted, I discovered that the machine was stuffed with jeans and shirts and sweatshirts and shorts.  I could barley remove an item so I then just asked that Nick sort his laundry by color and shared I would take care of the rest.  A good decision, I think. 
The only thing that really freaked me out was when I came home later there was a huge ant creeping out of Nick's closet.
OMG...he's brought some "critters" home!

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