Tuesday, May 14, 2013

i decided to call...

As I know Nick does not like to be bothered during projects, it's "go time" so I needed to check in with him late afternoon today.  Yes, he was crabbby.  Yes, he was ready to hang up.  Yes, he is coming home tomorrow.  What????

me:  hi nick.  how did it go today?
nick:  mom, i'm on my break.
me:  what did you accomplish today?
nick: everything is out of my apartment.
me:  what are you doing tomorrow?
nick: leaving between 7 and 8.
me:  tomorrow morning?
nick: yes!
me:  you cancelled Sudden Link and CWL and checked out of Williamsburb?
nick:  yes, I need to clean tonight and will be leaving in the morning.  mom, i'm on my movie break.
me:  so it's tomorrow?
nick:  yes and i'll call you.

OMG...as I know it's time for him for him to move on, it looks like he has done quite a good job in 2 days.  I did ask if his boot was on today and Nick's answer was no and maybe it should have been but it was not so let's move on.
When it is time to move on in your life, it is time to move on!  Until tomorrow.

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