Thursday, May 16, 2013

he'sssss back...

Nick pulled in last night close to 8 after a very long 11 plus hour drive home.  Tired and in need of a shower and a bit nervous as there no longer are any "set" future plans, not much conversation was had.  I actually told him I had countless questions that I would not begin to "fire at him" until tomorrow and he was, needless to say, quite grateful. After 5 years, Nick only brought back his cheetah, "Cowboy Up" sign and clothes which were all neatly laid on the seats and in the trunk. Everything else in his one bedroom apartment was sold to Daniel for a grand total of $230.00.  That would be a completely equip kitchen (pots and pans and glasses and flatware and dishes and a microwave and toaster and crock pot), a couch, chair, lamp, desk, T.V., dresser, bed, endtables and a coffee table originally bought for $1.00.  Interesting price but the goal was for to get rid of everthing and that was accomplished within a 24 hour span.  Well done!

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