Tuesday, May 28, 2013

happy tuesday...

I hope you had a great Memorial Day Weekend.  I...
  • came home Friday, made a blood orange spritzer and enjoyed the sunny weather.
  • was productive on Saturday, well both of us were.  While I cleaned the house, Brian washed 3 cars inside and out.  I did a bit of weeding outside and  then we were off  to our town's Fine Art Fair after 3.  Upon arriving back home before 6, I decided to lay down and read.  I quickly fell asleep, woke up 3 hours later, ate a quick snack and went back to bed. 
    • Total sleep time:12 hours.
  • was out of the house early Sunday for coffee and a trip to the grocery store.  We bought ribs and flowers and top soil and went home to plant.  Then, we headed to the "H's" for a lovely dinner.
  • spent Monday morning preparing some food and enjoyed an afternoon alone doing bills and wrapping gifts and just getting little things done.
  • enjoyed barbecue ribs and confetti corn with my guys.
Have a great last week of May week.

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