Monday, May 6, 2013

happy monday...

Farmer’s Market Flowers

I hope you had a nice weekend. I...
  • stopped in Goodwill after work on Friday and bought more dishes.  I need to stop as I am obsessed with vintage dishes and I can't fit any more in my cabinet.
  • went to Stockholm's on Friday and enjoyed the food once again.
  • was happy that Brian cleaned the basement and garage and it just looks great.
  • followed the Red Wolves's game on Facebook and was so sad they lost to Life and that their season is over.
  • waited for Brian to place some Kentucky Derby bets at a really nice OTB in Aurora late Saturday.
  • fired up our grill for the first time and our ribs were greeeeeeeat!
  • graded stack one of my papers on Sunday morning :( but did not finish stack two.
  • went to buy more flowers and an umbrella.
  • planted all of my pots and our home just looks happy with color bursting everywhere.
  • made a fun Cinco de Mayo dinner.
Have a happy week.

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