Tuesday, May 7, 2013

a worried feeling...

Over the weekend, I was just plain worried.  I was worried about Nick and his phone and that he was not alright. I tried to contact him via texting and no response; not on Saturday or Sunday or Monday.  Finally, Brian called Pat who seems to not be bothered by us calling him :( and asked him if he had seen Nick and did he have his phone and could he have him call him.  Yes, he has been with Nick and yes, he has his phone and yes, he'll call him.  Within a minute, Brian got a call from our "bad boy" who apparently picked up his phone to hear Pat say, "***hole, call your parents!" Nick is fine and was taking an oral final earlier and said he e-mailed me back.  No, maybe he did write something but I believe he forgot to hit send. Whatever, stop getting me so worked up that I'm in a "panic mode" for days.  That is just wrong. 

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