Thursday, May 2, 2013

a surprise no more...

Nick's graduation gift is an i-Phone as I wanted to buy him, of course, something special.  As giving a gift is serious business to me, I am/was very excited about this one as who would not want an i-Phone?  Well, yesterday I had two consecutive e-mails from Nick who does not e-mail.

nick's e-mail:  Hi mom.  My phone broke so I'm going to go and get a new one tomorrow.  I know I am going to be able to upgrade so that's what I'll do.
nick's e-mail:  I'll keep my e-mail up in case you need to get in touch with me.

What? How could this happen a little over a week before graduation.
my e-mail:  Hi Nick....I guess I need to tell you this. I'm buying you an i-Phone for your graduation sooooo if you are going to get a new phone, that's the one you need to buy. Ohhhhh, you ruined my surprise:( Love, Mom
nick's e-mail:  lol..i'm very excited then. what day are you guys coming down?
my e-mail:  We're coming on Friday...all of us!
nick's e-mail:  Ok and i'll do it tomorrow.

Disappointed I was but then, this little e-mail popped up.

nick's e-mail:  I was wondering to if i could have a little cash for friday? friend who is graduating too asked if i wanted to go to a concert in memphis. i have 30 dollars but it wouldn't be enough.

Surprising?  Not really as some things never change!

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