Friday, May 3, 2013

a phone update yesterday afternoon...

nick:  I got my phone, mom.
me:  Did you buy a case and get insurance and your data backed up?
nick:  I got a case and I think the insurance.  I talked to the guy about it the first time I went in the store.
me:  Nick, you need to call Verizon right now and make sure you have insurance and get your data backed up.
nick:  Mom, I don't know why you are worried!  (lol)
me:  I know, Nick, no reason for me to worry that you'll lose your phone. (We could not insure his phone one year because he had lost so many.)
nick:  This phone is so cool.  I can't put it down.
me:  Happy graduation, Nick!

Yeah, so happy my gift was a hit!!!

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