Wednesday, March 6, 2013

yesterday's report...

Nick called me yesterday around 1:30 as he needed me to fax something to the Chicago Police Department and our conversation was both short and informative...
me:  Hi, Nick.
nick:  Mom, can you check the police website as I did not find the application. The only thing I found was what I sent you.
me:  I'll get right on it.  How was your day?
nick:  Good, I went to early morning weight lifting with  my team and class.
me:  Good, Nick! Are you being careful?
nick:  I did not lift much.
me:  Did you eat in the cafeteria?
nick:  Yes, someone helped me.
me: What are you doing now?
nick:  I was sleeping.  Crutching around campus is exhausting.

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