Friday, March 1, 2013

such a good friend...

This is my friend, Mary, with her husband, Mike and son, Kevin, apparently after the Rugby National Championship Game last spring. The "R" family has been so kind to ours since we were first introduced and Mary is one of the dearest women I know.  She is always thinking of me, in good times and bad, and as soon as she heard about Nick's leg, she let me know she was there for me once again.  Mary is thoughtful and compassionate and real and caring and today, I was a bit overwhelmed as she once again listened to my story and shared her compassion for Nick, his injury, the end of his rugby career and him graduating.  So grateful to have met this lady at this time in my life.
(When I shared the conversation Mary and I had with Nick, he said, "She is so nice."  I want Nick to think about the people who are always there for others!)

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