Saturday, March 16, 2013

he's leaving this morning...

Nick's bags and car were packed yesterday with much help from his bff, Pat, and  he will be leaving Jonesboro by 8 this morning to drive home.  Brian and Nick discussed the weather last night which is one of our rituals;  Brian always studies the weather to see what Nick will encounter along his driving route and shares it with him before he leaves as it's a long drive.  (Isn't that funny?  Not to Brian or Chris, my meteorologist son-in-law, who does the same thing! I don't, however, think Matt would ever think of doing that before a trip.) We are expecting him around dinner time and then we'll get him settled into his level of the house.  Evidently, plans have already been made by Nick to go out tonight with St. Charles friends and I'm, of course, going to be planning some stellar meals.  It will be fun to have him back for a week!

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