Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I was thinking about what I am going to do on my Spring Break.  Since we are no longer going to Vegas or to see Nick play rugby in Michigan :(
it looks like I'll be home alone for the entire time.  Not a bad thing as I'm fine with being by myself, but I tend to not leave my home when that happens which is not good.  So I'm thinking I'll list a few of my "must dos" and "would like to do..." just to get things started.

"Must dos"
  • clean my blinds and wash my windows
  • make Maeve a pillow dress
  • stamp a few cards
  • put my spring / summer clothes in my closet and put away winter pieces
  • exercise every day
"Would like to do..."
  • buy new Mac make up if I make my weight loss goal
  • go to the Art Institute
  • do a bit of clothes shopping
  • by a new lunch and make-up bag
  • read daily

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