Monday, March 18, 2013

happy monday...

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I hope you had a nice weekend.  I...
  • cleaned all of the glass in my home with a new aerosol Windex cleaner that I found and I'm obsessed with it.  Noooooo streaks and a shine like no other!
  • was happy Nick arrived home safe and sound.
  • went for groceries and ran errands with Brian before stopping in The Office to enjoy some St. Patrick's Day cheer and some bagpipe music.
  • talked to my mom and dad and found out my dad literally almost died in Mexico from a bronchial infection.  He was sick for 5 weeks and could not get out of bed some days.  What is with this couple going to a remote place in Mexico when they are in their early and late 80s!  Frustrating does not even describe it.
  • was hoping Sarah and Chris could join us for corne beef and cabbage on Sunday but that did not happen :(
  • planned my week dinners which will include fried pork chops and zucchini and squash lasagna and mushroom stroganoff and Parmesan chicken.
Have a great week! It's my last week of work before spring break!

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