Tuesday, March 5, 2013

good morning...

Well, it was and was not.  I was up and ready for the gym by 4:30 and after doing a few things, Brian left, I sat down to check my e-mail and my phone rang with an unrecognized number.  Yep, it was Jim Blaney from my school district calling all staff to report school would be closed.  As I was ready for my day, this through me off a bit but after some text messages from my team members and a call to Brian, I left for the health club ready for a long work out.  I pulled into the lot with only 2 parked cars which was unnerving to me as one belonged to the employee who opens in the morning.  I waited for about 10 minutes for the lights to go on to only discover they never would.  Out came our morning worker, Jean, who got into her car and drove off. The gym was not opening.  WHAT?  I made another call to Brian as I was really feeling "off" before heading to McDonald's for a McCafe and then home to plan a special dinner and write a grocery list.  Who is driving around at 5:30 in the morning going no where? That would be me...crazzzzzy! I'm off now to get a few things before the snow is due to hit our area.

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