Friday, March 8, 2013

a true story of fate...

When Nick decided to go to ASU to play rugby, I was more than surprised, but he was bound and determined to go to college, get a degree and play the game he loved.  He was a good player, a rugby player in the making and over the past 5 years got to where he needed to be.  Nick was now strong and fit for the hooker position, he knew the game, reacted on the field, looked confident, had an attitude and was playing well.  Although not starting, he was now backing up the starting hooker and Brian continued to tell him, "Be ready, Nick. You never know what will happen and you'll be starting."
Well, a little over a week ago Nick's chance to start became real, but it was not meant to be.  After  Sean was injured, Nick was too and both are out for the spring season. I found out last night that Sean will soon need surgery for a torn groin muscle.  Yuck!.
Who would have thought Nick's goal to start would last less than a half of a game before he would be taken out and his college rugby playing days would end.  What is the likelihood of this happening?  It is somewhat surreal and as we are all moving on, it is really a queer tale.  Things could have been worse, as Nick says, and I know that, but when I think of what happened, all I can say is this is truly a story of fate!

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