Monday, March 11, 2013

a doctor's appointment not processed...

brian: Have you talked to anyone tonight?
me: No.
brian:  I called Nick and he picked up.
me:  Is he okay?
brian:  He's fine.
me:  Is he feeling okay?  How was he after the game?  Is he depressed?
brian:  Nick is fine.  I reminded him about his doctor's appointment on Wednesday and he did not remember the appointment at all.  He had no idea he needed to be at the doctors on Wednesday.  Do you have the piece of paper I brought home?
me:  I'll look for it.

later at home...
brian:  I'm texting Nick as the appointment reminder is on his refrigerator.
me:  Okay. He didn't see the paper on his refrigerator?
brian:  Nick just got back to me and the appointment is at 8:40 a.m. just like I thought.
me: Good! Was the paper on the refrigerator?
brian: Yep!
me: I guess he never saw it! Who would think to read a piece of paper hanging from a refrigerator?

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