Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Someone is a little sad.  But first...

Brian arrived in Jonesboro today and get this, called Nick's cable company while in route to add channels to his package.  Ordered was an unlimited channel package and an additional sports channel, I think, so Brian could watch games this weekend in Arkansas.  Yes, it was not done for Nick, it was done for Brian.  (This never would have crossed my mind!)

Okay, Brian's report so far...
  • the cable man would be at the apartment before 4, but it turned out to be closer to 6. (That was a gift  from the company as they originally said a service person would be by on Tuesday.  After Brian explained the reason for his visit and why he needed a sooner upgrade, his request was granted.)
  • Nick's leg and foot are quite swollen.
  • the apartment needs a bit of cleaning and the bathroom was the first room to be tackled.
  • Nick is sad as he realizes what all of this means... a recovery period, rugby is really over and the task of finishing school must be "figured out" at this time.
  • laundry was started and is continuing to be done.
  • a trip to the grocery store was made as Nick needs food at home as he is too tired to get to the cafeteria for food.
  • Nick needs much help.
I am more than worried now and wish I went with Brian to be with Nick and him.  Our guy/my guys need(s) help now and Nick will need some recovery time help.  Things are not good to me at this point and surgery is tomorrow.  Well, as Nick has been saying, " It could have been worse!" but not being with my guys is not good for me.  I am currently in a bit of a panic.  I so hope tomorrow goes well.

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