Friday, February 22, 2013

thankful it's friday...

via Girly Me
Looking forward to the end of another "too busy at work week" as it is, at last, the close of science fair.  There have been many days that were again insane and yesterday the papers I shuffled were of massive amount.  Also, there were more parent calls to set up meetings and this one mom is a real trip.  Every time I phone her which has been many times this year, she loudly sighs after I share the teams concerns as if to say, "Why must you continue to call me?"  (Don't think she likes me or what I say! Oh, well.) So, at 3:40 this afternoon  I'll be...
  • going home.
  • pouring a glass of  wine.
  • preparing blackened tilapia sandwiches with a cilantro lime sauce.
  • reading by the fire before eating and just plain stopping.
Happy last Friday in February!

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