Tuesday, February 26, 2013

last night's conversation with nick...

me:  Hi Nick, are you okay?
nick:  Yes, I'll be okay mom?  You and dad don't need to come down.  I can get a ride to and from the hospital.
me:  Dad is coming and I'll stay home. Tell me everything the doctor said.
nick:  He said if I don't have surgery, I won't be able to move my foot or walk right so I said, "Okay, I'll have surgery."
me:  Did you know you broke your leg right away?
nick:  I yelled when it broke and knew something bad had happened.
me:  Are you in pain?
nick:  I'm medicated.  I'm okay.
nick:  How much do you hate rugby now, mom?
me:  I was good this season.  I was thinking, "Okay, Nick is strong and he knows the game and things will be good. This will be a good season for him"
nick:  Oh, well that's good.
me:  How is Sean?
nick:  He's on crutches too and can't walk.  I'm going to call him.  I'm at the Subway drive through, mom, I need to go.
me:  Have a good night!

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