Wednesday, February 27, 2013

last night around 4:30...

me:  Hi, Nick.  How are you?
nick:  I'm good, Mom.
me:  When do you need to stop having food and water on Wednesday?
nick:  Midnight.
me:  How do you know?
nick:  It says it on a paper I have.
me:  Are you sure?
nick:  The paper is right here.
me:  Is school under control?
nick:  Yes.
me:  How do you know?
nick:  Because I am taking care of things.
me:  Have you heard from your coach?
nick:  He called me and we talked.
me:  Good.
nick:   Mom, my friends are over so I need to go.
me:  Okay, I love you.
nick:  Love you, too.

Apparently, things are good and I found this out is less than one minute!  Another one of our "short and sweet" conversations.

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